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Contribute to Humanities for All

Help Humanities for All represent the ongoing development of the publicly engaged humanities work in higher education.

Build the Database

We welcome the submission of corrections and new listings for the Humanities for All database.

Contribute to the Humanities for All Blog

The blog welcomes original contributions of 400-500 words highlighting publicly engaged humanities initiatives, practices, and trends in U.S. higher education.

Suggested Topics

While the Humanities for All Blog publishes on all aspects of the publicly engaged humanities in U.S. higher education, we are particularly interested in the following topics:

  • Discussions of ways that humanities scholars and students can engage wide-ranging communities during times of crisis;
  • Case studies featuring publicly engaged initiatives and projects involving faculty and students of U.S. universities and colleges;
  • Considerations of publicly engaged practices in undergraduate and graduate instruction;
  • Analysis of trends in publicly engaged work at U.S. higher education;
  • Discussions of how the Humanities for All database and essays have been used in publicly engaged research, teaching, preservation, programming, and infrastructure;
  • How the Humanities for All database and essays have been used in the classroom; and
  • Posts that foreground the voices of community partners.

How to Submit

To submit, please fill out the form here with a short (under 100 word) pitch for your proposed post. If you have any questions, please email Younger Oliver at yoliver@nhalliance.org.

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